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Dear Customers, 

We would like to inform you that SILVEXCRAFT.de processing orders for custom laser cut tags and engraving – custom shapes, motives, text! 

You can also send our specialists your own computer design of engraving, tag or already engraved tag, if you have one done in curves (one of these file extensions: CDR, AI, PLT, PDF, SVG)

If you do not have a design that meets the above criteria our specialists can make one for you. The cost of this service is only EUR 25-35 price (depending how advanced the project is) 

Available thicknesses of tags: 0,33 mm, 0,40 mm, 0,50 mm, 0,60 mm and 0,80 mm

Minimum order quantity for custom tags: 25 grams  (of one design). The price per piece/gram we can estimate basing on a computer design.

The cost of this service is EUR 0.75 price (for one side engraving). Some tags in this section have engraving already included in their price.


We deeply encourage you to take advantage of our new services!